Snub City

Big City, Little Monkey

Amongst the trees in the Tibetan mountains, snub nosed monkeys lived in harmony. But deforestation caused Snubby the monkey to be seperated from his family and captured. Snubby was flown to New York, to be sold to a rare animal collector. But when he arrived to the port, he escaped…

Follow Snubby's journey with 6,000 hand-crafted, algorithmically arranged NFTs as he settles into the big city and his newfound urban lifestyle.

Member Features
Join Snubby's journey by purchasing an NFT and unlocking access to exclusive features:
AR Integration
Using geographic anchors, our AR app allows users to place their NFT's in the real world where everyone can see them.
Staking your Snub yields tokens that can be used to upgrade your AR Snub. Add an exquisite frame or even fireworks!
Exclusive Events
The community wallet will fund raffles for token holders and exclusive events for NFT holders.
Saving the Snub Nosed Monkeys!
While Snubby may be having a good time in New York, the problem of deforestation and illegal hunting continues in China.

Yunnan golden monkeys are in great danger. Deforestation and illegal hunting have dwindled their numbers to 3,000 in the world.
5% of all revenue from Snub City will be donated to forest conservation NGOs to help rebuild Snubby’s home.
Chapter 1 Roadmap
Project updates will be continuously communicated through Discord. Purchasing an NFT from the Chapter 1 collection will guarantee a whitelist spot for Chapter 2!
Project updates will be communicated through Discord weekly.
AR Application Sneak Peak
Feb 2022
Snub City Video Game & Giveaway
Feb 2022
Feature in San Francisco gallery
Chapter 1 Premint
March 2022
Chapter 1 Mint
March 2022
AR Application Beta Release
April 2022
Staking Rewards
April 2022
Chapter 2: Next Location Vote
May 2022
Founding Team
Heading up Snub City art and design. Building Snubby's world one banana at a time.
Master of marketing, partnerships, and operations. Can sell wood to a tree.
Community and Discord lead for Snub City. Will freestyle rap battle anyone.
Lead dev for blockchain, AR, website. May have a neural net instead of a brain.
Founder of the Sol Neighborhood NFT collection and Snub City advisor.